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In this evaluation we have had to create a short in which we:

-Jia-Xiang Lin
- Mireia, Rome
- Sergi, Guber
-Nuria Pascual
-Divya, Illa.

This film will be a romantic comedy in which two girls make it impossible for the new girl in school is with the cute guy.
That will happen a number of things to be developed in the region.

Some of the scenes are going to record at school but the other will be in a particular house
I think this short will come out pretty well because we have well organized and the materials that we will take. With the help of our group we can shoot a very good short. In order to have a good time together.


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One day, Emma and Denise she saw and then:

Denise: Hello!!

Emma: Hello!

Denise: who is your hamster?

Emma: Very good, I have another whose name is Fluu!!

Denise: Very nice I’m very happy with you!!!

Emma: Dou you have a dinner with me?

Denise Oohh yes I like!!

Emma: Okey if you want we stay at 9:00 clook in Barcelona in the restaurant: Maritim!

Denise: Okey! I want to go with you and speak about the live!

An hour Latter:

Denise: If you want we can go to saw Fluffy funeral?

Emma: Are you stupid?

Denise: Ohh no sorry I think already happened!!

Emma: Okey! You don’t change anything.

Denise: I’m so sorry I don’t now if you put so

Emma: I’m so sorry but now I’m going with my other friends

Denise: now, Emma, stay here one moment.

Emma: I don’t have moment with this type of person, by!

Denise: I hope

Emma: I don’t thing this you are a person who really don’t thing nothing fore me, so by by

Denise: I can changed if you put your part

When pass the day Emma thing, this night remain with Denise.

Butt she don’t like to stay with him.





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What is a physical description of your character?

I am a brown (morena) with black eyes and black hair and long.

Where did your character grow up? How does this affect who they are now?

I am representing that the hamster is dying I have and do a funeral.

This affects my friends because I’m so worried.

Were their families wealthy? Why? How did that affect them?

My family are  very rich because the have cattle’s.

Then there was a failure the day they won and they had to kill him and now live with my father.

Is your character wealthy now? Why? Does your character work?

My character is economically.

What kind of student is your character?

I’m a good person who love old the animals

What are their hobbies, interests and talents?

My hobbies are going to run at the morning, go to a restaurant at night, stay with my friends and my family.

What kind of speech patterns do they have? How does their speech reflect their personality?


What do other people think of them? Are they likeable? Why or why not?

I think old the people 0’m a good persons and respects.


What is their relationship with other characters?

My relation with the others persons is good bat I have an enemy





What things have made the biggest impact in their life? Who is their idol?

When my mother to go live in London when I was 3 years, fore me are vary  very trist.

My idol was  my fother because I live with hem and fore her are very sacrifice.


Are they optimistic or pessimistic? Are they introverted or extroverted?

I’m very optimist bat my father old the time is pessimistic because he like to do everything good.


Is your character a good person? How do you know?

I’m a good person bat when my hámster died I’m a bipolar person.

I now because my friends ( Sussana and Denise) tell  me about me.


What are their main goals? In the play? In life?

My first objective is (supercar) Fluffy died

In the play a happy person

My first main is recuperate old my  life of young  since my mother died.

Reflexion of the video

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Christmas Carol

¿What you did well?

I did well to say the dialogue, and the intonation would have to be higher, bath it’s well for the public.

¿What you did poorly (not good)?

My friend Oriol Xicola they says bath the dialogue made no sense. And all understood, look more the public.

¿What will you change or keep the same your next project?

In the next project will be change the organizational system, the sets and put music and pictures.


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Our project I did with my  friend Judith M, and me.

We divided the work, I began explaining explain a little about the life of Keith Johnstone and his works.

Then Judith explained how to do an improvisation using the video we teach everyone in the class

Kith trying to Jonshtone had to make his teammates a scare hicisen front of a mirror.

I tested with a regular note because we lacked the mirror and masccara to the classroom activity.

We followed all the requirements qu told us for the workshop, but would have to be a little longer.

Could be improved, explaining more activity and that it should be more extensive.

I think my goal logradomi activity but low level, as it could be more well done.


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Last week we began to create our work. We begin with a brief introduction explaining a bit about the life of Keith Johnstone, and then about the games and I did. Now we are in the part of creating our business to present in class. Then we will present a video on one of the activities that made Keith Johnstone.


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Hello I’m Divya Illa, student of 4C.

Now I’m going to explain about my live of  the theatre.

when I was small I started doing drama classes at school, and a good day I to do a show in front of the school, principal I scary but I finally let go and can continue. Throughout my life and seen that I like theater  itself because I always have inspired the famous actors.

I would like to be an actress and be famous but this is necessarie a good job of little and not be so shy because I always e been.